A Guide To Introvert Travelling

Introverts are antisocial. Wrong! It just basically means that you get energy and fun from being alone, but not for the reason that being in a group is no fun at all.

But we, humans, are social by nature. Admit it, there are times you want to be with your family and friends after spending the whole day on your own. You want to have a good conversation with someone, or just laugh on silly jokes over a cup of coffee. It is very fulfilling when you spend some time interacting with people around you.

Travelling seems to be a challenge for introverts, I know because I am an introvert myself. But hey, that is why there is "solo travelling", which I believe is particularly rewarding for people like me.

Being an introvert, it is not easy to go outside and associate yourself with total strangers. But worry not, I have tips on how to get the most out of travelling alone, with the skills of an extrovert:

Take advantage of the lobby

Don't just sit there and pretending to be busy with your phone or reading your book, you're just warding off people from noticing and approaching you. Look people in the eyes, give a humble smile, offer them seats, or ask them about their itinerary. It will break the ice and you will end up in a good conversation.

Do your research

It is important that you have enough information about your destination. Read blogs and guides relative to the place you are planning to visit. From the availability of hotels or inns, grocery shops, electricity, and more importantly, learn the local culture.


Invest in necessities

List down the items you need and skip the unnecessary ones. Your goal is to carry only one full backpack of essentials.

Bring your camera

You want to capture moments of your trip, and you want to capture them in the best possible way. So bring a nice camera with you. It's part of your investment when you want to document your travel moments. Always keep a keen eye to small details around you, and keep your fingers ready to click the shutter button everytime you see something worth taking picture of.


Prep yourself for risks

Risks are always part of travelling, so you have to be physically and emotionally geared up for every unexpected situations, both good and challenging. Some cases could be: missing the last bus and you ended up with no choice but to find some place to spend the night and wait for the next bus. Or you just found out there is no potable water in the island and you haven't got any. It sucks, but it is a fun experience!

So those are my tips when travelling solo, introvert or not. Got any tips? Let me know in the comments section below.



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